It was a general opinion by both participants ad organisers that CESCIT 2015 was a successful conference. In the name of the IFAC CC3, IPC and NOC I would like to sincerely thank all participants for their contributions and lively discussions. I would also like to personally thank everybody for your good spirit and very positive comments. Hope to see you all and many more at the forthcoming IFAC CC3 events!

There is a new page on this web site with some post-conference downloads - invited papers slides, photos, lists etc.
Finally, notifications on acceptance or rejection of contributions have been issued. We apologise for the delay, caused by the considerable extension of the submission deadline.
Following the suggestion of some authors, due to collision of dates of some related conferences, the deadline for submission of invited sessions proposals, and regular and invited papers will be extended until December 8th 2014.
During the CC3 meeting at the IFAC World Congress it was decided to strongly encourage submission of invited session proposals. If you have a good idea related to the CESCIT topics, please follow the submission procedure through the PaperCept. The proposal has to be followed by the individual submission of the full version of all invited papers. Each paper will be individually reviewed and invited session proposals will be rated as a whole.

An invited session consists of 120 minutes of presentations. It may be composed of six 20-minute papers, or of one session-keynote 40-minute paper plus four 20-minute papers. The keynote paper of an invited session should address the broader setting of the topic of the session, for example, an address concerning emerging trends as well as recent developments.

The local organisers promise that the first three successful proposers will receive an extra bottle of excellent Slovenian wine at the conference banquet!
For those who would like to print the paper version of the CFP which was distributed in Cape Town at the IFAC World Congress, here is the pdf file (2.4MB).
On 1 July we issued the first Call for papers for IFAC CESCIT 2015 to be held 22.- 24. June 2015 in Maribor, Slovenia. Submission site on PaperPlaza will be ready soon.

CESCIT is a tri-enial conference co-locating all events of IFAC CC3 – Computers, Cognition and Communication in the year following the IFAC World Congress. The first and already successful issue was in Würzburg in 2012, now we are opening the first call for the second issue in Maribor, Slovenia.

Since quite some time now, it is hardly possible to imagine the implementation of industrial control without computer control systems. For their proper design, a very broad knowledge is becoming more and more important, reaching from all aspects of embedded computers, communications among them, artificial intelligence and telematics.

These topics are being covered by a number of international conferences, which, however, are often specialised on certain computer related topics. In the IFAC's Coordinating Committee on Computers, Cognition and Communication in Control, the need emerged to organise a conference, focusing on all aspects of embedded systems that are of particular interest of control systems implementation. So, CESCIT was devised as a triennial event, organised in each year following the IFAC's World Congress. Its successful first issue was held in Würzburg, Germany in 2012.

The idea of CESCIT is to organise a joint conference with carefully selected, but broad and non-limiting topics that pertain to computer control. By co-locating all events, sponsored by the IFAC CC3 in one year, with the addition of emerging new topics, CESCIT is providing a forum for exchanging knowledge, communication and cross-fertilisation of ideas among professionals and scientists from research, academia and industry.

If you are in any sense involved in computer control, or any area of design and/or implementation of control applications, education, etc., you are cordially invited to share your achievements, ideas, or needs with other participants and thus contribute to the advances in our common domain which is such an important part of our reality. Welcome to Maribor in June 2015!

Matjaž Colnarič
NOC chairman