The capital of the Štajerska region Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, simultaneously it is pleasantly small and lodged in the wonderful nature of Pohorje on the one side and wine growing hills on the other, with the river Drava wending its way through it. With its diverse and quality offers surrender to the best that one of the key tourist destinations in Slovenia has to offer!

The rich wine tradition of the oldest vine in the world, the throb of the city with its flourishing cultural history, its location amidst wine growing hills and green Pohorje as well as the various possibilities for exploring, recreation, relaxation, entertainment and meetings will convince you that Maribor has a heart and soul and that the people of Maribor are excellent hosts!

Maribor has one of the largest and oldest classic wine cellars in Europe – it boasts an area of 20,000 m2 and 2.5 kilometre long underground tunnels, which lead you into a wonderful world full of the tastes of wine!
Maribor was European capital of culture in
Maribor hosts FIS ski world cup for women, known as
Golden Fox.
Festival Lent
The festival boasts over 1,200 events at 40 venues over the course of 16 days! Attracting over half a million visitors a year makes it the most recognisable cultural event in Slovenia.

Starts in the weekend after the conference
Ptuj / is the oldest city in Slovenia. There is evidence that the area was settled in the Stone Age.
Lovrenška moor / are one of the most attractive natural sights on Pohorje. Depending on the momentary quantity of water, there are between 11 to 22 lakes.
Ljubljana / Lonely Planet, the world's leading travel guide book publisher, has listed Ljubljana at No. 2 on its Best in Europe 2014 list.

Postojna Cave / is the best-known cave in the world. Speaking of tourist guides regarding the cave itself, almost 100 have been produced over 200 years. It is the only cave with a double track railway.
Bled / Slovenia has only one island but its uniqueness makes it more attractive. Sheltered by picturesque mountains, the island reigns in the middle of an Alpine lake.
Piran / is the best preserved cultural monument of Slovenian Istria and the closest neighbour of Portorož, the luxurious city of flowers.
Graz / The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, teems with fine architecture, including the Burg castle complex, with its Gothic double staircase, and the graceful Uhrturm clock tower.
Zagreb / is a capital of Croatia. Funicular for Upper City (Gornji Grad) is the oldest transportation system of organized public transit system in Zagreb. It is one year older than a horse-drawn tram.